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What's eating my hydrangea? (And how to resolve?)

I recently purchased a Hydrangea Serrata Bluebird, mulched with manure and have been regularly watering. It receives sun in the morning until about 2pm then is shaded / dappled shade in the afternoon.

For a couple of weeks the leaves seem to be being eaten/ blackening with no evidence of what is eating it.

Can anyone please help / advise?

I've attached a photo to show the latest.

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Re: What's eating my hydrangea? (And how to resolve?)

There are many possibilities, from leaf cutter bees (1/2 moon cuts) to caterpillars (larvae and adults), weevils, slugs and worms. Unfortunately the only way to know which one for sure is to catch them in action and apply the appropriate insecticide. Because many of these do their work at night, you may need to either get a flashlight and surprise them.. or -at night- remove the mulch, maybe some soil too and or rocks & see what do you find.

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