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transplanting hydrangea

We moved about a year and a half ago into a house surrounded by many beautiful plants. I have seven hydrangea on the east side of my house that receive very filtered morning sun. They happen to be in a place that is rarely seen and I was wondering a) is it possible to transplant them, b) when I should transplant, if possible, and b) do they prefer shade?

Also, a couple of them, with varigated leaves, were broken quite a bit by the roofers. Should I just cut those branches off? Will that hinder size for next season?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!!!

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Hi kimlo :D

a) Yes.

b) In the Autumn when dormant.

c) Yes, semi-shade or at least shaded from the hottest part of the day.

It would be best to cut off broken branches. Leaving them on will only encourage disease.

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Agree with Jess 100%

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With broken branches instead of chopping for the compost you may want to try and grow them by recutting the branch and sticking it in the ground. I planted a whole row under a cedar - the soil was quite acidic - and most of them took and if they had a bud they bloomed, others bloomed later that season and are still growing strong! I have planted others in different areas not so acidic and they also rooted. Hope this helps! :)

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I agree with everyone. Once you move them, they are incredible easy to root by burying a low lying brance partly in the mulch or loose soil, you may need to weight it down with a rock and in a few weeks it will root on its own and you will have a new plant to share or increase your bounty! Enjoy :D

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