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Transitioning Hydrangeas from Winter to Spring

I have kept my hydrangeas covered this winter with oak leaves.
I'm not sure when to remove the leaves. The plants are putting
out new growth and last years growth that was covered is starting
to grow but is a light green. I covered them to try to save the
buds for flowering this year. These plants are three years old and had
beautiful large blooms last year but only a few for each plant.
I live in Rhode Island and the nights are still about 40 and days about
50 with the possibility of frost till mid May and even after.
Next year I will cover with burlap.
When should I remove the leaves??

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While our frost date is May 15th, we are by the last full moon so I am cautiously optimistic we have seen the last of the frost. Do it now; that light green color means they need more sun. If the forst monster does rear it's ugly head again, simply put some stakes around it to hold up the bed sheet you are going to throw over it (only for the evening in question); can't touch the foliage or it will burn anyway...

By the way, we do have a hydrangea forum... :?


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