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Will climbing hydrangea grow along a privet hedge?

Hi. Naive question I know, but....

My neighbor has a privacy hedge....I believe it is a privet hedge, but I am not sure...perhaps 8 feet tall and very wide.

My side of the hedge has very little foliage, I suspect because of shade.

If I plant a climbing hydrangea at the base of the hedge on my side, will it eventually spread along my side of the hedge? Or does it need something more solid to spread?

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This ivy-like climber and its cousins tend to grow well on tree trunk, the outside of houses, fences and ground cover. If may grow into the privet hedge but I am not sure just how well it will be able to do that. There is going to be competition for food, water and light so I am not sure how the other shrub will react to that.

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