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Climbing hydrangea- what to do with flowers


I bought a new knee-high climbing hydrangea a few weeks ago (schizophragma- moonlight variety) that I planted at the base of a tall pole. Eventually I want it to climb up the pole.

It is making tiny little white flowers.

Question- If I pull the flowers off will it encourage new foliage growth? Or should I leave the flowers?


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Some people like to do that and make shrubs concentrate on root growth and allocate minimal mineral resources on producing flower buds and flowers. Others prefer to enjoy the flowers. There is no right or wrong answer. Just do as you prefer. Many people do just that with roses. But since climbing hydrangeas only bloom once a year and you have flowers blooming out, you may just want to enjoy the flowers. You cannot go wrong with whatever approach you decide, especially since the plant is otherwise healthy.

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