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Zone 9 Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas and want to know the best ones for growing in zone 9. I am new to hydrangeas but I have noticed some of the mopheads have a leathery, tougher leaf than others. Do these do better in the heat? Any suggestions for which to grow in Orlando, Florida???

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Which ever you grow, place them on the east side of your house or other structure or shrub. That way they will get only morning sun. Also, if you want them to be blue versus pink, be sure to add a bit of aluminum sulfate to the soil. There are two types of hydrangeas based upon blooming habit. Some bloom on old wood and others bloom on new growth. In zone 9 either should do well for you. Here in S.C. I have trouble overwintering those that bloom on old wood. If freezing temperatures kills that wood, then the bloom is gone for the next season. We tend to prefer the lace cap varieties to the mop heads.

This site has some good info on different types of hydrangeas.

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I don't know whether the hydrangea articles on hydrangea care also have information specific to USDA Hardiness Zone 9, but they're part of the Helpful Gardener site. :)

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Hello, Cynthia_h. Your biggest problem in Orlando is going to be the sandy soil, which requires frequent watering. Where you can normally decide to water if the soil feels dry to a depth of 4", in sandy soil you have to check to a depth of only 1-2". It will pay to mix the soil with lots of compost when you plant the hydrangea.


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