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pests inside my hydrangea buds!!

This morning I discovered that the new leaf/bud growth on my hydrangea bushes were all closed up and something nasty is inside. I cut all the new growth off the bushes but how can I make sure these bugs are gone?
Help!!! :(

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You could take a sample to a local nursery in a plastic, transparent, SEALED envelope for identification. Your Agriculture Extension Service or a university could also help. If you know how to post pictures, you could put a link to the picture(s) here to see if someone can identify the pest. Hydrangeas are bothered by few pests. Some of then include Rose Chafers, Cane Borers, Aphids, Mites, Earwigs and -in selected regions- Japanses Beetles.

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I agree with Luis that it's unlikely anyone here can identify the critter for you, unless you post a picture of it.

If you need them, you can find instructions for how to do that here:

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