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hydrangea's are curling

My Hydrangea's top leaves are curling downwards!! What would be the cause of this? This is their first year, I water them every other day, unless it has rained. The last 2 weeks we have gotten lots of heavy, short rains, I'm in zone 5. Also, I purhcased 2 of them, 1 had 1 bloom, the other had no blooms, (I remember reading it's best to purchase "plants" when they haven't bloomed yet so you get to enjoy them, instead of miss the blooms) The one that had a bloom, has had 4 now, beautiful. The second has nothing. They are in the same place, 7 feet apart, morning sun, afternoon shade, later evening sun. Any thoughts?

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Hi Manda,

Your hydrangea with curling leaves may have aphids. Look carefully at the underside of the leaves and on the stems, especially at tender new growth. Use an insecticidal soap. You can even make your own.


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