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Southern NewEngland: blue, white, and green hydrangeas

I'm doing the flowers for my daughter's wedding and reception next July 31st and want to make sure I have enough blue, white, and green hydrangeas. Can anyone tell me when each of these are likely to be in bloom at the end of July? I have access to two white hydrangea trees, four blue hydrangea bushes (new and smallish), and 2 green bushes (medium sized). What am I likely to harvest by the end of July? Should I plan something else? Thanks so much.

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I'm not sure it's a question any one can answer for you. Hydrangeas generally bloom in summer and the blooms are pretty long lasting. But whether any individual shrub is in bloom on any particular date depends on so many conditions, what the soil is like, how much rain you get, etc etc.

If it were me, given the vagaries of gardening (maybe next year the hydrangeas will be attacked by a fungus or some insect.... ), I'd have a back up plan.

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I would discuss this a florist and have them take care of the arrangements. Yes, it will cost more than if you do it but this sounds stressful and not something that you want to messing around as the date gets near. I can just picture myself checking the plants daily to see how they are doing! Macrophyllas tend to start blooming earlier, around May over here so you could definitely have some white and blue blooms provided by them by July 31st. The green ones could be obtained from Annabelle or Limelight Hydrangeas or they could be spray painted from white macrophylla blooms. Too much work to do yourself IMHO. Problems to consider: droughts, wind damage, dog damage, bloom colors fade, etc. Can it be done? yes but I agree, you need a Plan B in case something happens.

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