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Hydrangea Bushes not growing

I bought two Blue Hydrangea bushes this spring to add to my new flower garden as I had recently moved. The plants arrived in good health and I planted them where I wanted them according to directions that were shipped with them. They have not completely died off, but they also do not seem to be growing. All the other flowers I planted in the same bed flourished to magnificent beauty. I didn't expect to have bushes this season, but wanted them to get established. Should I dig them up and put them somewhere else? They are currently on the south end of my house and have been shadded by dahlias and gladiolas and cannas most of the summer. I also straw mulched that bed after the other plants emerged. Any ideas? :?:

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Hi Nwksangel,
You say that these are planted on the south side, but they are shaded by some plants. It sounds to me that they are getting too much sun. You haven't really said what is going on with them. You say you wanted them to get established. That usually means the the root system grows while the tops of the plants tend remain about the same. Most hydrangeas do best in morning sun. They like moisture but not wet conditions. Take a look at this site for some helpful info.


If that doesn't help, do get back to us.

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That's a tough one, but the shaded part is probably the key. Moist in full sunn is the best spot for hydrangeas, with a touch of high, light shade in the afternoon. Sound like any where in your yard?


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