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Blooming Time Research Question: Hydrangea Claudie

I am told that this lacecap hydrangea seems to be a tardy variety when it comes to blooming. While I do not have it, I was wondering.... If you have a Hydrangea Claudie, what has been your experience, I.e., when does it begin to bloom for you? To put things in some context, please indicate your where do you live and what zone you are in. TIA, Luis

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I have a lacecap. It is blooming now. If you call one flower blooming.
It used to have lots more flowers. I've started fertilizing with acid loving fertilizer.
I don't know if that is the problem or if the winter was too harsh and killed off the future flowers.
The plant is over 10 years old and looks great as far as leaves and stalks go and has plenty of new growth.
My regular hydrangas are blooming now also.
Mass 6b.

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