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Beni Gaku Lacecap worth saving?

I bought a Beni Gaku lacecap (awesome red color) three years ago at the end of the season. I dug a big hole amended it with lots of good compost (whatever the garden center recommended). It didn't grow much the first year. Then the next year, it only sent out 4-5 stalks and didn't bloom, so I pruned it back as most of it looked dead because it was woody and hollow. (I think maybe this was a mistake) Now this year it has sent out ONE stalk, and it looks healthy enough. But the remainder of the old wood still looks dead. I really love this cultivar and it is expensive to replace. I fertilized it in the spring with an acid fertilizer and I think that's how I got at least a little growth out of it. It is on the North side of the house about a foot from the foundation in a pretty wet location, plenty of shade. Do you think it would kill it if I moved it to another location? Any ideas of what to try? Is it a goner?


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I don't have your type of plant. I do have three hydrangas that are 10-15 years old. My oldest is in almost full sun. It wilts a little when it's really hot and some extra water fixes that. It has the most flowers.
The next one is in 1/2 shade 1/2 sun. I believe it's a lacecap. It never wilts. It also doesn't flower much. It loses last years growth during the winter and since that's the growth it would flower from...I don't get many flowers when the winter is bad. I do get plenty of green growth.
The last plant is in full shade. It is the smallest plant. It is flowering well this year and put forth some good growth.
I put pots all around it last winter to give it some protection.
I guess what I'm saying is, if the plant is doing well it's ok where it is. But if it isn't...

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