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Hydrangea does not look good, please help!

Hi! We just bought our house and this is our first spring here so I am still working on the landscaping. There was already a hydrangea here and I want to keep it but it does not look good, there is new growth at the bottom but nothing on the sticks coming out. I was told that that is a bad sign that it will not bloom this year and I was told by the previous owner that it did not bloom well last year. Does that mean it is no good and I need a new one or can I save it? Thanks!

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Mine always die completely back. I'm not sure what kind I have but it blooms off of new growth. I hear that some types bloom on new growth and some off of last years growth.
If it were me, I would leave it and see if it blooms. If it only sends up leaves and limbs then I would probably invest in a type that blooms on new growth.
Sorry, that is all I know. :( Maybe somebody smarter than me can answer this question.

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