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Moldy plant?

I have a blue hydrangea in an indoor pot that flowered once already. I pruned it and it started to have new growth, however, the leaves have what looks like an odd mold in round patches, and the soil seems to always get mold on the top of it. Also, now the leaves are getting wilty on the edges.
I put it in water every week for about a day (soaking from the bottom) and it is in an Eastern exposure, so it gets sun for a good part of the day.
I recently re-potted to a larger container, but I still have this problem.
Is it too much water?
Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Hi Shellster,
You put it in water for about a day?? My goodness, that's waaaay too much. Water when the top inch of soil is dry. Let the water run through the soil and don't let it sit in water for more than an hour. Take a look here for some helpful tips.

How to care for hydrangeas

How to Choose and Grow Different Hydrangea Varieties


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Hard to overwater hydrangea; almost impossble really, but the soil is also a living thing and that CAN get too wet! While mold on top of the soil is probably a sapprophitic (wood) mold and not hurting the plant, the mold on the leaves probably is. It's probably mildew in those damp conditions; try 1 cup of milk in a gallon of water and wipe it on the leaves. If that doesn't work try neem oil.

Quite frankly this time of year the plant should be outside where good air circulation would help prevent such attacks. All houseplants love an outdoor vacation; all mine go outside once danger of frost is past and stay there until it threatens again...


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