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growing fennel indoors

does anyone have any tips?

i just stared growing sweet fennel from seeds. i have them in small pots in the window of my kitchen. i live on the oregon coast, and i am also growing basil, which i know likes warmth, which is why i chose to do an indoor herb garden....

but i know nothing about fennel, other than i really like it and i really want to do the best things for it from the beginning! thanks in advance for any words of encouragement or advice

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here's my fennel

i just started my fennel, i don't have any tips for you, though it is rally good. best dollar i spent all year.



this container is at a S.W. facing window.(big sliding glass door). getting all the afternoon/evening sun. doing very well.

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Basil and fennel, like a lot of herbs, like full sun and good drainage. For growing indoors, unless you have a really good sunny, south facing window, that probably means they would do better with some supplemental lighting. Other than than, just don't over-water or over-fertilize.

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What do you do with fennel?

Does the plant smell good?

Does the plant have flowers?

Does the plant taste good?

I know grocery store seeds taste like Licorice. Grocery store seeds in the spice rack are pretty bad tasting stuff. Many of the grocery store herbs are not good parsley for example tastes like baled hay but home grown parsley is good. I know some plants smell better than they taste.

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I use fennel seed whenever I cook pork or make sausage. It's superb! :)

I think the bulb can be eaten, too, although I've never tasted one. I understand it's a similar taste, only milder.
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