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Where to buy low cost celery seed not $8 for 2oz + tax

I need celery seed for cooking and making pickles. I was shocked to find a 2oz bottle is $8 + tax = $8.80

For the cost of 2oz celery seed I can buy 4 jars of factory made bread & butter pickles. WHY make my own pickles.

I did online search for celery seed substitutes thinking maybe celery stalks sliced & diced will work but no information.

Local Mexican flea market has lots of low cost herbs and spices $3 to $4 per lb but no celery seed.

I don't think I can grow celery in TN if i could it can't be done in 2 month to get my own seed.

Where to buy celery seed at a reasonable price???

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Re: Where to buy low cost celery seed not $8 for 2oz + tax

Do you have local stores that sell bulk spices? That might be a good place to start? A quick search — some on-line bulk spice sellers that at least have better price than $8 for 2 oz jar. One had free shipping with minimum purchase.
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Re: Where to buy low cost celery seed not $8 for 2oz + tax has whole celery seed for $4.79/lb. They always have good deals on spices, and have a great variety.

I tried Penzeys, but a pop-up came on, asking for my email address and zip code, and I couldn't get past that, without entering the info. I guess places like that don't realize that they will probably lose more customers doing things like this than they will obtain!

Spicesinc has a free shipping after $35, but you may find a promo code somewhere that reduces this to $25, and maybe a deal for first time customers.

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Re: Where to buy low cost celery seed not $8 for 2oz + tax

Penzey ... -1244/pd-s
Not as good a price as what pepper head posted

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Re: Where to buy low cost celery seed not $8 for 2oz + tax

I think celery seed spice comes from an old celery relative called smallage.

I grow leaf celery or kin sai which is very similar. It has a much stronger celery taste, the stems are hollow. The taste is bitter so it is not eaten raw, but is good as part of a mirepoix base for cooking. It produces copious amounts of seed that are very fragrant, but I only keep them for replanting. It is not the same thing but is very similar.
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