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HELP!My citric thyme herb is dying

Hi all, I need some help. I bought my thyme around 1 month ago and looked great. After a few days I re-poted it to a bigger pot so to have more space. Since then it started getting worse and now it's woody in the middle and one side. Half side is looking a bit better but doesn't seem that will last. I have it outside in the day, taking it indoors in the night, I am trying to water it every two days since it started looking dry cause I wasn't sure what to do, I thought it lacked water? Any advice?

Many thanks

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Re: HELP!My citric thyme herb is dying

A picture always helps along with knowing where you are and what your weather has been like.

Thyme is quite cold hardy, down to zone 5 or negative 20 degrees F. If it's been indoors, you can't just plop it out into fierce cold, you have to gradually harden it up a bit. But I would do that and then quit taking it in and out all the time.

Because it looks dry doesn't mean it is. Thyme is a mediterranean herb that is used to dry conditions. Water it thoroughly when you water and then let it dry out between waterings. Repotting it to a bigger pot could have been part of the problem. A bigger pot with more potting soil, stays wet longer, especially if the potting mix is peat heavy, moisture retentive/ moisture controlling. I would mix some cactus mix in with your potting soil to make it more free draining.

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