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Weird white things growing on my mint plant

Hi. I'm new here. Just noticed some weird white things growing on my mint plant in my backyard. They seem to be attracting bugs. Can you help me? What should I do? Are my mint leaves still edible?

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Re: Weird white things growing on my mint plant

It is flowering!! Those are its blossoms! :) They are attracting insects that like the nectar, which are usually the ones that are beneficial to have in your garden.

People generally don't let their herb plants blossom, because the quality and productivity go down after that. Time to harvest some mint. Clip off stems down towards the base, cutting just above a leaf node (that would be the place where you see a pair of baby leaves just coming out from the stem).

But yes, it is still edible.
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Re: Weird white things growing on my mint plant

It is flowering. Those flowers will attract bees and other beneficial insects, but I have never seen mine flower, but then I am always cutting them back.
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