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My Thyme sprouts are drying out

I recently grew some thyme from seeds. One of my batches is all dried out. Is this due to having them too close to the grow light or perhaps not enough water ( or too much). I have them in cowpots and I try to keep them watered from the bottom. This is my first year trying gardening. Any advice is helpful.

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Re: My Thyme sprouts are drying out

Thyme is a dry land plant so the soil must be well drained. I have problems with thyme too. They like water but they like to be almost dry before watering again. Try planting outside. They like a loose soil with good drainage and slightly alkaline. In pots, I make a cactus mix which dries out faster. You can get cactus mix at Home Depot and other places. I do add a handful of peat to the cactus mix for seeds so it dries out a little slower. Bottom water is fine as long as you dump all the water out of the tray after about 10 minutes. Outside, I start my seeds in pots or trays in full sun and I water them daily. I have humidity around 80% and day temps around 80 degrees. When I grow thyme in pots in peat based mixes, they do ok for a while but they get woody. I also live where is rains a little almost every day. My mom grows thyme and sage and waters twice a day, but she lives where it is hotter and drier and I think she sprinkles more than waters.
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