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herb harvest

So I've been harvesting and drying herbs:
garden herbs.jpg
(the one in the back right whose label isn't showing is an 8 oz jar of chamomile)

Not too bad for my first season gardening here and in the midst of terrible heat and drought!

A lot of these will go into my herbal tea blends. The culinary ones with extra bottles (oregano and sage) may go in Christmas baskets as is.

So far for my baskets I have: various herbal and floral jellies, tea herbs, pickled peppers with vegetables, purple basil infused vinegar, and fragrant oils which I will use for soap making etc.
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Re: herb harvest

Nice job!

I need to do this one year.

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Re: herb harvest

Looking great! Recipients of your gift baskets are so lucky --every year I'm so impressed by the list of things you post about making and including. Lots of patience, honest hard work, and love in every single item. :D
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