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Lavender with little green dots on it?

Hello! I hope this is the right forum for this question! :)

I have some lavender that decided to grow from seed after I had given up on it!
Now there are these little green dots on the leaves?
Wondering what they might be and how to deal with them.

P.S There's a pic of little white dots too, I flicked the leaf and those little guys flew off! Seems like they are on the top of the soil too?
The green dots
The green dots

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White that flew off is whitefly -- I see a few in the photos, too. I believe the little green ones are whitefly larvae.

I would start by getting the little green ones off with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and mild soapy water (soap not detergent -- I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint liquid soap). This will give you chance to thoroughly check the plant over.

Rinse the plant well after. Whiteflies are quick but can also be vacuumed up with wand attachment when they take flight. Yellow sticky trap works, too.

Make sure ants are not herding them.

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Hi Pluto
Agree with applestar, whitefly larvae.

Clean as soon you can, also keep the plant in a dry place.

I also start growing lavender from seeds! What kind are you growing?

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Nice from seeds. I grew lavender from seeds before they grew painfully slowly and then the snails got in the mini green house and ate them all. I agree with Rainbow and Applestar, whiteflies. My white flies leave circles of white powder on the bottom of the leaves which are the eggs. I rarely see larvae, I must miss that stage a lot.

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