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Help whitefly!

I have whitefly infesting my herb garden ive sprayed them with water to kill the majority and have sprayed every herb, tree, and bush in my garden with a fish oil and seed oil spray.

Is there an effective way to get rid of them as ive heard how much of a pain they are when they spread.

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Unfortunately, once they numbers are out of control, as you said, it's pretty difficult to manage. The problem with using insecticidal a is that you're knocking out the biological control that is already in place. What kind of damage are you seeing? If there's no obvious damage, I would try to maybe introduce plants that attract their predators. Aphid Midge happened to manage my aphid issue much better than anything I could have done about them. I had fairly dense aphid population, too. From what I remember about whitefly, they're in the aphid family, so I would think that they have the same predator enemies! :twisted:

I don't think lady beetles would hurt, but the larva would be much better. My bolting and blooming cilantro and dill were very good attractors!

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