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Herbs and spices that I can grow in these conditions?

I noticed that I fail at everything unless I do it myself and under my conditions, so I thought that maybe I could finally start making some money this way instead of getting throw out of another job and living a life way below poverty line.

So I live in Poland, I rent a place here, it has no garden, but I do have a ~15sqm room I do not use. What could I plant here (if anything) that I could sell online? Online because local stuff is really cheap in Poland and I would barely make any money.

There is no special lighting systems, there is no air heat control, no fancy stuff like that. It's just a simple room in a simple house. I do not have much savings, and I do have to pay rent monthly, and I do have trouble making money, so I cannot invest much. $50 at the most, and even that would be kind of hard.

Is there anything that I can grow to make money by selling it online within Europe (or elsewhere for that matter, but shipping would cost a lot then of course).

Please ask anything that might help you help me...

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Re: Herbs and spices that I can grow in these conditions?

Any plant you grow has to have a lot of light. Without light plants cannot grow and produce well.

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Re: Herbs and spices that I can grow in these conditions?

Yes, light is definitely going to be the limiting factor in what you can grow that way.

You didn't say what the window situation is in your spare room, how much window space and what direction the windows face.

Best is south facing windows with no obstructions in front of them. If you don't have that you will probably need to add artificial lighting. Artificial lighting has to be dedicated lamps or fluorescent tubes just a few inches away from your plants.

Easiest herbs to grow with limited lighting are lemongrass, parsley, mint, chives.

Of course, if you succeed in growing some, then you will have to deal with marketing, shipping, finding a way to get the herbs to the customer still in good fresh condition.

If this seemed like an easy way to make some money off your spare room, it really isn't, especially with no money to invest in start up equipment. You could find a roommate to rent the room and have a much more reliable source of information. Or you could rent it to some one as a studio/ workshop space. Or you could use it as workshop space yourself for production of something that is less prone to dying, easier to market than plants. There are tons of ideas on-line for sellable crafts you can make from found items (eg rocks

old wine bottles, etc. or things that are easy and cheap to find at thrift stores...

Sorry to be discouraging, but honestly people with way more experience growing things and lots more equipment than you, still have trouble making much money off their gardening hobby.
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Re: Herbs and spices that I can grow in these conditions?

Is there a window? A windowsill?

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