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Cedar Planter Box Lining!!!

Hi, I just built two large Cedar planter boxes for growing herbs. I was going to add a thin layer of gravel to the bottom followed by some plant safe mesh fabric. I have protected the entire box with a mix of food grade mineral oil and beeswax. I plan on applying a light stain on the outside for aesthetics. Being a Chef this mineral works great on cutting boards so thats why I used in this application.
Just want to know everyones take on using a plastic liner or not on the entire inside or box. And if so what type of lining material to use.

Thanks Eddy :D

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Plastic protects wood from moisture, and soil from Chemicals in the wood. Cedar is pretty good long lasting wood and its food safe. Soooooooooo plastic is optional for you. An advantage to adding plastic to the sides is moisture retention in the soil. Planter boxes like that do tend to dry out quickly in high heat areas and full sun. Plastic helps with that. I wouldn't put plastic in the bottom.

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