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Thyme or Oregano?

Hello everyone :) Does anyone know if this plant is Thyme or Oregano? and what the specific latin name suits the plants characteristics? (e.g. Thymus Vulgaris) ... 8.jpg?dl=0

Thank you :)

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Wow, I was expecting to see leaves -- OK I'm pretty sure these look to me like dried oregano flower stalks but I would be more comfortable if there was a size scale/reference -- you may be able to obtain seeds if they had matured and have not been scattered already. If you crumble and sniff, you should be able to detect characteristic aroma of thyme or oregano.

I'm not sure what the rest of the question means. If you mean can we tell species or cultivar from these, I kind of doubt it?

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Would be nice to see the entire plant.

I've never seen our thyme send up flower stalks like that. You know, mainly it just blooms along the foliage. I guess maybe some different cultivars may, but I've not seen or grown them. :)

I do agree that it's oregano. Could be marjoram, too! Looks pretty classic, but more of the plant would be helpful.

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Agreed, that thyme does not make long flower stalks like that. Oregano or marjoram, which is closely related. Most common would be (unsurprisingly) common oregano, Oreganum vulgare.

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