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my new lavender roots turning brown and wilting

Hi everyone I am a beginner and I have never successfully grown anything but I thought of trying again and bought lavender 5 days ago I transfer the lavender to a container and located outside in shade(the sun is too strong her and the weather is hot) and watered it every day in the morning.

From the first two days the lavender wilt and brown spots appeared on the leaves and now the roots look dry and brown, I have know idea what to do.
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When you transferred/transplanted to a container, what kind of soil or soilmix did you use? It should have been sandy and well draining. (1/3 sand 2/3 garden soil or something like a cactus mix) Does the container have sufficient drainage holes?

Even if the Sunnis hot, after one day in shade to recover from transplanting, lavender should be slowly acclimated to the sun -- 20-30 min at first, then longer every day to toughen up. Either that of some kind of open weave overhead canopy or lattice could be set up so it gets dappled shade. (I put under a dappled shade of a tree)

It should not need to be watered every day, especially if it is in shade.

It's most likely that it's getting too much water and some root rot has set in.

So, first, stop watering until feeling the soil feels dry when you dig into the soil up to the first joint of your finger. And let it sunbathe but gently -- treat it like an invalid. May be no more than 10 minutes at first.

Tell us more about the soil and container it is in. I wouldn't recommend repotting right away, but you may need to do something.

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The container have drainage holes as for the soil it says organic potted soil on the bag :|

For now I relocated the lavender to a sunny area outside under a tree and will stop watering it for few days.

Do you think its better if I transfer the lavender out of the container and plant it beside the tree (its a lemon tree and its doing great) although the soil there got damged after repairs in the house some workers mixed cement with the soil :|

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Lavender likes soil that is well drained and a bit alkaline. The cement won't hurt the lavender. Wet, cold soil will kill lavender very quickly. It's best to mix sand with the soil when planting it in a pot, water in the first day and don't let the pot set in the water in the tray. I would have waited a couple days before trying to harden it off outdoors especially if the weather is warm and very sunny. Then water only when the soil gets dry for about an inch deep on the top. Gently and slowly expose to the full sun.

Was the plant in a greenhouse or setting outside in full sun at the store? If it was inside it will take longer to acclimate it to full sun than it would if it was kept outdoors.

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