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I know there are a few posts in this, but everyone seems to be different.

I had lavender in my garage under a growing light in a 12inch diameter pot that was doing great. I watered it lightly (a misting twice a day).

I moved outdoors today, 60F and sunny. I gave it a decent watering. 4 hours later, it was wilting really badly. I did noticed the pot I used didn't have drainage. I drilled a hole and moved it back inside, now it's looking good after 3 hours under the light.

I can't tell if the problem was:

The shock of moving outside/reaction to the sun
The pot not draining/too much water
Type of soil (I used potting mix)

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Lavender!

Most likely it was the location change. Plants need to have their locations changed gradually. Indoor light is not direct light. You will need to move it outside to light gradually, maybe in a sheltered spot and if it does ok, then for an hour in brighter light and gradually extending the time till it can handle being out all day. Depending on your pot, some can get really hot and cook the roots. Put it in another pot to insulate it while it is in training.

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Re: Lavender!

I agree with Imafan26. It is probably the sudden change in temperature, lighting, etc. This stuff can be really stressful for plants.
Glad it's better now :)

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Re: Lavender!

All of the above.... actually though I agree that plants generally need hardening off and getting used to the sun gradually, lavender is a sun lover. So I would have put that one third on the list of all of the above.

Lavender is a desert plant. It hates to be wet. Putting it in a pot with no drain hole and then pouring water in is killer. Second on the list would be having it in regular potting soil. It likes sandy, fast draining soil, like cactus mix.

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