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What is wrong with my thyme?

Hi all,

Around three days ago I bought a thyme plant. It was looking all fresh and healthy. When we got it home, the soil was very dry so we watered it a bit, and made sure there is no excess water in the pot. We put it in a light room, however not in direct sunlight. Three days later (today) it seems as if half of the plant is slowly dying off. We aren't sure what the issue is - whether too much water or too little. Can you please advise what we did wrong and what we can do to save the plant?

Please refer to the attached photos

Thanks for your help!

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Re: What is wrong with my thyme?

If it was VERY dry, then the "bit" you gave might not have been enough.

Does the pot feel light when you heft it? Water thoroughly, even soaking in a filled bowl or sink for about 20 minutes, then let drain completely, not allowing to sit in water. Then don't water again until the soil feels dry again but not so completely dried out and light.

Also, the pot with soil mix and the plant in it is actually the green one right? The white one looks about the right size for the plant. Are you planning to uppot? Wait until it recovers first, then make sure to use very well draining mix. I would use good organic potting mix and add about 1/4 sand (1 part sand, 3 parts potting mix).
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Re: What is wrong with my thyme?

Thyme needs a lot of light too. It likes to be watered well and watered again when almost dry but it does not like to sit in water so ditch the saucer.
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