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Re: Who is growing Turmeric?

You can harvest ginger and turmeric anytime as long as the roots are big enough. There are usually roots that are harvestable after 5 months of good growth. No matter when you plant, the ginger and turmeric will still go down between September and November when the days get shorter. Turmeric usually regrows faster sometimes it is sprouting in a couple of months after the tops die. Turmeric roots grow vertically in layers of fans. The flowers usually come out in September and last a couple of weeks before they start browning. Ginger flowers at the base of the plant. It is a small brown flower that you will smell before you see. The leaves dry a couple of months after. This year the ginger came up late in May but still bloomed in November.
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Re: Who is growing Turmeric?

I spotted my turmeric blooming yesterday. I noticed this before when trying to take their photos, but there is something odd about turmeric blossoms in the way they reflect light or something. I tried pushing the exposure up and down in the basically point-and-shoot iPhone camera app, but this was the best I could get —


...if I have the opportunity, I will try taking a picture with another camera app that gives you more control over white balance, exposure, aperture, etc.
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