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I need help re-designing my Herb Bed

I have a 10' x 17' space that is becoming over grown with mint, lemon balm, and oregano. I would like to create more space in this bed for my annual herbs, and need help keeping my perennials at bay. This is a full sun bed. I was thinking of tilling under the whole thing, but need ideas I guess about how to keep my perennials tamed. Thanks!

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Hi Alice,

Sure hope you haven't tilled the garden yet. If you till mint it will become more of a pest as the bits of root will sprout. Best to dig out the mint and keep it in a pot. You can sink the pot into the ground for the winter so it won't freeze. Lemon balm should be deadheaded before it sets seed.


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Good advice from Newt. If you need a larger area than most standard pots permit you can cut down a plastic garbage can so that it forms a ring with 12" - 18" walls and bury that so the top is at soil level. For larger areas yet you can get plastic barrier rolls intended for running bamboos (but you may want to splint these in half as they are deeper than you really need for most perennials).

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