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What to do with 10 lbs of Rosemary

I trimmed this Rosemary plant today it was getting too large over 5 ft diameter. I trimmed it round like a bush in front of the house. Now what to do with all this Rosemarry???


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Make wreaths out of it! The wreaths can then be decorated with berries and whatever else you have around. They will be pretty and smell wonderful.

Another use for large quantities of herbs is to distill them down to essential oils. In this thread

I talked about my little home distiller. The essential oils can then be used as aromatherapy, medicinally, or to fragrance other things like homemade soaps, lotions, etc.

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Making rosemary wreaths sound like a great holiday project and would serve as terrific hostess and holiday gifts.

There is a natural bug repellant spray recipe using rosemary and fresh whole lemon. Also, I think dried rosemary is good for a gender independent linen sachet.

Also, I wonder if rosemary would be a good southern substitute for balsam filled doorsill sock to block drafts.

I make my own rosemary shampoo using unscented shampoo for base.

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Cook up a herd of lamb. :lol: :lol:

Kidding aside, wreaths out of it sounds like a great idea this time of year. I'd want to keep it inside so I could smell the scent of all that Rosemary.

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Applestar talking about the doorsill sock reminded me of another one: rice based heating/cooling pads:

Make a fabric tube, then fill it with a mixture of rice and the rosemary and sew it up tight. For cooling chill it in freezer, for heat microwave it for a few minutes.

It holds the heat really nicely, so with a few minutes of microwave, it will stay warm for a long time. With the warmth and the scent, it is incredibly soothing on your shoulders or where ever. The rosemary should make it very nice against headaches.

I have made them for Christmas presents and they are wonderful.

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I like the wreath idea. I would also dry some for use in cooking. My brother contributed both a deep fried turkey and an oven roasted turkey to our Thanksgiving table. He skewered the oven roasted turkey with fresh rosemary sprigs. To die for delicious!

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- compost with it... it will help other stuff grow big and strong
- sell it... it sells at almost $1 per branch here...
- root them and then sell the offspring
- make deodorizer/sope/some other product that doesn't go bad really quick with it
-dry it.. (but why would you when you have fresh rosemary?)

more ideas:

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Dry some for spices and tea, make some vinegar cleaner by steeping rosemary and some citrus peels in white vinegar for about 2-3 weeks, then strain and dilute with water. You can also steep some in oil, and use oil in making your own salves, and salad dressings. Put some in closets for mothproofing. Hang bunches at home for beauty and smell. Share the rest with neighbours and friends. :D

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Well Gary, If you were close,r I could do with a pound. I have tried to keep some growing.
We have a ranch in the mountains, Rosemary just won't survive the winter. We have a ranch in high desert also, but it gets very cold there also. I might try growing it there, there is less snow than in the mountains. I'll read the other posts no to see what ideas members have come up with. Good luck.


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There is a new variety of rosemary (Madeline Hill) that is more cold hardy, for zone 6. I got some last year and it seems to have come through our winter just fine.

But ordinary rosemary in a pot can be over-wintered indoors and then brought back out in late spring.

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I laughed when I read the response about roasting a flock of lambs, but seriously, if I am going to roast a chicken I stuff the inside with a sprig or two or rosemary. Not only does it taste fabulous, the chicken stays very moist. I also use rosemary (in very small quantities) to season salmon.

I also like to dry the stems for later use.

I tried growing some rosemary at my house in the city but it didn't live through the summer. I think it may not have gotten enough sun as it was planted on the east side of the house. A friend had some planted facing west and it grew huge over several years.

Now I live in a different place but I am planning to plant rosemary again, this time on the west side of the house.

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