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What Is This Eating My Basil?

Hello. This is my first attempt at gardening & I'm encountering my very first battle with ... whatever this insect is ... that is chewing up all my basil leaves.


I am hoping someone can help me identify what it is & how to get rid of them.

Thank you!

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Well, he's kind of a cute little guy but I bet you don't thinks so right now :wink: .

Maybe an inch worm . . . whatever the case, he is a caterpillar so a caterpillar spray should work on him and the others that are still so small they can hardly be found.

Bt (Thuricide) is a caterpillar spray. So is Spinosad.

He is so tiny &, maybe, tender - a soap spray might work on him and his brothers. Remember however that any spray may damage the plants that it is used on. Dish soap is made to wash dishes. I will use it on sunflowers and things but for plants that I am more cautious about, insecticidal soap seems a better choice.

Besides, we usually go after aphids rather than the other bugs, with a soap.

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I had some inch worms both on some basil and some mint. As there weren't many, just tried checking (underside of leaves) frequently and picking off. If you see where one has spun a cocoon on the underside of a leaf, definitely destroy!
Have fun!

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