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Parsley and cilantro problems

I got herb transplants from my local nursery and I am having problems I have never had before. Some of the leaves on my parsley plants are turning yellow and some of the leaves on my cilantro plants are turning red. I know it's not a soil quality problem because I planted them in fresh window boxes filled with good quality top soil and compost. The only thing I have been able to find online is that leaves sometimes turn colors as they age. Is it possible the nursery sold me old plants? Do you think I should ask for replacements?

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The symptoms could be simply signs of stress.

Topsoil and compost... No drainage helpers like sand or perlite?
These herbs like well drained soil so the soil might be too heavy and their roots getting waterlogged.

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Mine get red leaves from time to time. I generally associate it with colder weather. They get replaced by fresh growth with green leaves and have never been a problem. With the mild winter, all of my cilantro is showing signs of bolting. That could also be what you are seeing. The new growth is less green and has leaves with finer texture.

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I do have new parsley growth so I will continue to pull the yellow leaves. After visiting the nursery yesterday they told me to replant the herbs in potting soil so I dumped the other in my garden. I hope it works.

Question about harvest, I have been snipping the stems about an inch from the base, is that correct? Or should I be picking the leaves only?

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I've never seen red tinted cilantro- perhaps you mean purple? If so, they are close to bolting. As hendi suggested, the leaves would get a finer /lacy texture. When they are in bolt mode, the taste gets somewhat metallic.

To harvest, cut at soil level. If they are not bolting, just use whats needed, and it will grow more much like parsely.

If you have enough cilantro plants , you could let a few go to seed for coriander.

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