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Is anyone growing peppermint?

I learned peppermint is good to stop a cough, it has the ability to relax the nerves in your throat and no more cough.

Peppermint candy makes an excellent cough drop. Maybe I should grow some peppermint but I know nothing about it?

Wonder what the best say to use pepperment for a cough if?

I read online peppermint extract is made with alcohol. PGA will adsorb all the peppermint oil from the leaves.

Maybe its not worth the trouble a large 5 lb bag of pepperment is only $4 at Wal Mart.

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Peppermint is easy to grow, like spearmint. You could try some in an area or container this year. You could make a tea with it, and perhaps add honey. I don't think I've seen the starts at a box store, but are at the garden center. If it works out, you can divide some into a smaller container to bring in come fall.
Have fun!

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I grew peppermint a few years ago. I am unsure how you would use it against a cough, but I know someone that would soak peppermint in vodka, then strain it to make her own peppermint extract. And I agree with the previous poster... I think a tea would be delicious.

I used the peppermint I harvested in footbaths. Smells great and feels very fresh.

My only word of advice about peppermint is that it will SPREAD. Grow it in a container if you want to save your garden from years of peppermint invasion that is nearly impossible to stop.

It is pretty easy to grow, mine liked the shade better than the sun.

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Fresh is most always best. Any mint makes good tea ( spearmint, peppermint, catmint or nip, or any flavored mint will do ) but instead of PGA for extract, I use vodka. Use a resealable jar, I like the ones with the rubber seal up top as the jars last years and the seals are replaceable. Cover mint with vodka, shake daily and depending on the strength you want, soak from 2-24 days. For liqueur, 3 to 1 vodka to sugar syrup or play with honey for a sweetner. Since you are not drinking much of this, use cheap vodka, any charcoal filtered will do, expensive vodka won't change the taste any.

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All mints are bascally a weed, and grow like it! I had some mint growing in the yard and dug a few up and threw them in a pot. I now have more mint than I know what to do with. I use mine fresh to make mint sauce, and I dry it to use in various herb mixes that I whip up.

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I second those that mentioned mints overly-vigorous nature to take over! The first (and only) time I planted mint in the ground unguarded, I found the air suspiciously minty after mowing the lawn. Months of pulling out the creeping-charlie-like mint roots out of the ground, the surrounding lawn was back to mint free. :oops:

I still keep that little bugger in a pot and have named it Evil Mint Plant. When we have summer parties, I get my revenge on Evil Mint Plant by setting it on the bar next to the rum, limes, and sugar. :twisted:

Have too much? Muddle it with water and freeze it in ice cubes! Had some great "home-grown" mojitos last winter!

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Mojito, flavored vodka, hmm you guys are making me thirsty :lol:

Mints are like pest down here in San Diego, after they get started not much to do except cutting back ,and wished you never put it in the soil.

+1 on putting it in a pot.

San Diego / Z10

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I plant all kinds of mint in a number ten can with both ends cut out. You dig a hole, put the can in, and plant the mint in the can. It will still root if the ends of the plant touch the ground, but it takes it longer to get away from you.

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You should get peppermint as starts, or division from a friend, and not go from seed. I was just looking (browsing, wanting, wishing) the Southern Seed Savers Exchange catalog again, and it is noted peppermint seeds are variable, and may come up as spearmint or other.
Have fun!

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Peppermint has anesthetic properties. I also mash peppermint leaf with Jewelweed to slap on mosquito bites and beestings.

We use a (store bought) peppermint sanitizing spray on our hands. When we've had a hectic shopping expeience or an exhausting outing, we get in the car, buckle in, spray our hands and go "Ahhhh." :D
I wonder if I could duplicate it by alcohol extraction method?

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