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New catnip seedlings don't look so good

I had a lovely catnip patch which I massively over-fertilized and killed. I've been trying to salvage the ground by flooding it and (hopefully) washing the extra fertilizer out.

Unexpectedly, some seeds from the old catnip have started growing, and that's good, but they don't look all that healthy (and that's bad.)

Are these seedlings being overwatered, or are they still suffering from the overfeeding that I did? How can I help them?


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Re: New catnip seedlings don't look so good

The plants look like survivors to me. Catnip is hard to kill and I wouldn't be surprised if you have new plants coming up from the old roots. Catnip seeds tend to germinate intermittently over a long period of time so you can expect to see more seedlings. You could probably ease up on flooding the soil and everything should recover with normal care.

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