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Sage, the second year?

I grew sage for the first time last year and it did great.

but I'm really confused about what to do with it this year. there seems to be new stalks coming up with some sage leaves, but the leaves are much smaller than last years.


1. I didn't really do anything at the start of this season. just waited for the snow to clear and little sage leaves started growing. should I cut out the stalks from last year that have no sage leaves on them?

2. the stalks that have sage leaves are flowering? is that supposed to happen? what do I do?!

3. anything else I should be doing?


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Yes I would cut off stalks that aren't leafing out. Generally if you want good leaf production you don't let it flower -- cut off flower buds as soon as they appear. But bees love the sage flowers, so I always leave one or two.

Otherwise, it just needs plenty of sun and not too much water. They are used to lean soil, so they don't need fertilization. Very low maintenance.

Patience! :)

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