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Bolting Mint - How much to cut?

My mint bolted (which I have to say has not happened to me before) and now the bottoms of the stems are dead but the top has plenty of green. I have had success in the past cutting the plant drastically and letting it recover. Should I do that this time? Usually I do it when the tops have died. There is some new growth in the bottom but not on the existing stems.

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Established mint plants are very tough and hard to kill. Cut as much as you want. You could probably mow it all down and it would come back from the roots.
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If it's in a container, my first thought is make sure it's not pot bound.
2nd thought is could it be fungal infection on the lower leaves, but judging by your location, humidity may not be an issue.
So maybe it's heat and lack of water.

My mint flowers in late summer during the drought, and it's a great bee/wasp attractor -- I once counted over a dozen different species.

The mint comes back with fresh new growths after cooler weather arrives.

In your case, may be cut the flower buds to encourage branching and give more water and maybe move the container where it receives less direct sun?

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