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Lavender - Brown Leaves Spreading

I planted some Munstead Lavender in March and it has looked beautiful and almost doubled in size since then. Two weeks ago I noticed a brown leaf on one of them and it has continued to spread. I'm not sure if it is some kind of disease or if it might be something I am doing. I've read they do not like wet feet so I have been watering only once a week and planted it in a well drained bed. I am in zone 8 if that helps. Here are some pictures I took tonight. Hopefully someone here can diagnose my pretty lavender plants



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Re: Lavender - Brown Leaves Spreading

Mine does that. That part of the plant is dying back. If the rest of the plant is green you can cut it off, but be careful. Lavender should be cut back in winter but only the new wood; cutting into old wood can kill it.

Lavender likes well drained soil and is drought tolerant but does need water. But it is best to water by drip as the leaves will turn black if it gets too much rain or water from above.

This El Nino year has brought more summer rain than usual and I have lost a couple of my lavenders to that. Two have died back completely but one looks like some new growth is coming back.
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