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Starting a herb garden

Can you recommend suitable herbs for a tropical environment? I am new to gardening but very interested in starting a herb garden and also planting vegetables suitable for a small space.

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I'm thinking all the ones I can't grow and only with difficulty even when brought indoors in winter (and those associated with Indian cuisine): Ginger, Curry Plant, Cassia, definitely Thai basil, Lime, Lemon Grass, Vanilla orchid, Indian Tea, Hibiscus (for flowers), Jasmine (for flowers).... 8)

Are you thinking spices too? Cumin, Peppercorn?

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Basil thrives in a tropical environment. We have had success with rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, parsley and occasionally cilantro.
They love a sunny environment.
Still learning about what thrives and the best environment for them down here in the sub-tropics. (am a transplanted midwesterner)
Soon as I do some fan palm trimming and get the ficus under control, which will allow more sun in to the new place, I'll be sharing our successes and failures.

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