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Basil varieties

What basil varieties do you like?
For me, usually have the regular green basil, a purple and lemon. If you grow the purple do you like the ruffles or opal (?). I have not tried Thai.

I like the light lemony flavor of the lemon basil, but it needs pinched daily! It shoots up flower buds constantly.

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I grow regular green leaf sweet basil and I use it in many dishes. It is great cut up in a tossed salad, on baked potatoes, a must on just about any Italian dish, on real/homemade garlic bread with a little parsley and sprinkled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

I also use basil, garlic and cheese for a great home made bread.

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I haven't grown the "ruffles" variety of purple basil. The Dark Opal serves ornamental purposes each year.

I have given up on some basil varieties that aren't fusarium wilt resistant. Lettuce-leaf is just a disaster! Nufar is very trustworthy and a good basil.

Lemon basil, especially on salmon, is really good but, for some reason, my wife doesn't seem to appreciate it. (I will just have to resign myself to dill :wink: .)

Of the Thai basils I have grown, Siam Queen has been the best and quite a bit better quality than the others. I am still waiting to have the quality of what I get at the Thai restaurant, however. I suspect that it is grown in a greenhouse and benefits from the protection.


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we grow

italian big leaf
purple ruffles
red robin
little leaf

and the resulting cross pollination's of them all which pop up every now and then.

each have there own dishes that they go good with imo.

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Thanks and keep the comments coming....

OOHH Don't you just smell that fresh picked taste!
I like the lemon basil on a fresh cut tomato slice, and other culinary delights.

Have any of you found a difference between Purple Ruffles and Opal for culinary, not just ornamental? I have found the purples a bit headier than the regular green, equally good, and adds a nice color if used as garnish.

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Anyone know the difference between Lime basil and Lemon basil?
I grew Lime basil this year and loved it. Smaller leaved than regular Sweet Basil.

As for purple, I ended up with solid purple with kind of cinnamony scent and purple speckled green with anise scent from the same commercial packet. :roll: Do they cross easily?

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[quote="Susan W"]OOHH Don't you just smell that fresh picked taste!

I love it so much that today I cut off my flowering stems, put them in 2 plastic buckets and placed one of them in my woodworking shop and one in my rec area of my ground floor to freshen up the air. My wife went in my shop while I was frying a turkey this afternoon and said it never smelled so good. Beats the heck out of paint and solvent fumes.

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Every year I grow a green basil (different ones different years, but usually some large leaf italian basil) and a red or purple one. I have tried red rubin several times and not had very good luck with it. Not only is it very slow from seed, but it doesn't thrive very well the rest of the season, for me.

I have done the ruffles, but my favorite is the purple opal basil. My seed supplier didn't have it last year. Having had another year of failure with the red rubin, I will look harder for purple opal seeds this time!

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Thanks for input.
For next year looking at the regular (Italian) large leaf green, purple opal, lemon and perhaps some Thai. Most will be in containers, but I am eyeing some garden space for some.
I have a garden space around a birdbath in the back yard. part sun/shade. I like to put in flowery things that butterflies and birds and bees like, and that can be watered and splashed. I have stayed away from zinnias there with the powdery mildew. Just inviting trouble! I may set out some opal basil, and let a few flower, keep rest for harvest.
For now have 12 pots inside with green basil. Just checking and cleaning etc gives that feel good aroma.

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I, too, love basil.
Last year I grew
Spicy globe (nice round form for decorative purpose also)
Purple ruffles...loved the licorice like aroma and great flavor it adds to food
Purple opal..decorative mostly
Boxwood--also decorative

I grew thise in pots and also in the garden. some say they help to keep damaging insects away. others say insects like them. I've not had trouble with them.

One raised bed I made two "V"s from corner to middle, one right side up, one inverted. One was of spicy globe,one of purple ruffles. You have to keep them trimmed, as they both will get very large. I made it look like the green spicy globe was going through the purple ruffles. Then I planted other flowers in the triangles and diamonds the V's formed.

Next year I plan to add as many other varieties as possible

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Right now I am attempting Italian Large Leaf and Amethyst Improved in a self built hydro system, right now they are just showing first true leaves, the Amethyst is quite a dark purple (got seeds from Johnny's Seeds)

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my lettuce leaf is growing really nicely. indoors full sun.

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