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Should I harvest my garlic now?

A friend gave me some of her garlic that went to seed. The bulbs had about 15 tiny little cloves each. Each clove was very small only about 3 times larger than a pea. Maybe this is a small variety of garlic?

I planted all the cloves last year. They came up and they had babies. Each plant went to seed and grew several tops about 10 to 15 cloves per tops each.

I dug up 3 plants today and each one has about 15 cloves on it too. Should I dig it all up or should I leave it be?

I recall fall is the time to plant garlic and spring is the time to harvest. I have a lot of tiny little cloves to plant in the fall they are all very small too about 3 times larger than a pea. Maybe I need better soil or something to get larger garlic?

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