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How to prepare herbs for travel, lol!

Going on vaca and want to take: basil, rosemary, cilantro, sage and oregano. What do you think I should do?

- Wash first or take dirty?

- Put in plastic baggies, wrap in dry paper towels, wrap in damp paper towels?

- Take whole leaves, or mince (bviously, would have to wash before mincing)?

- Take in very cold cooler, or just put in the car w/ the rest of the stuff.

9 hour drive, then car will sit for a bit before we can unpack - maybe 3 more hours.


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Looking at your list, this is what I would try. Wash both basil and cilantro (well just rinse with cool water). You could then wrap in the dampened towel, put in baggie. I wouldn't close the baggies, but let it breath. Put in cooler, but not directly on ice. Going below 40 discolors it. Cut both sage and rosemary in as large pieces/stems as you can. Put in something that breathes such as a brown Kraft lunch bag, carry in car. I think oregano should also go in the cooler.

Have fun on your trip!
Have fun!

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