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I have a TONS of aphids on my mint plants and I've tried a few sprays but can't get them off. i mean, they die, but in a few days i have just as many alive. any suggestions?

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One reason they keep coming back may be that there are eggs that hatch after you've killed the adults. Another reason may be that ants keep bringing more onto your plant. Have you noticed ants around?

I like to use a spray of water to remove as many of the adult aphids as possible. For larger plants, or those growing in-ground, I use the garden hose. For my smaller container-grown plants, I just hold them under the kitchen faucet, or use the sink sprayer.

Once I've gotten rid of most of the adults, I spray the plant thoroughly with a soap solution. I repeat the soap-solution spray about every 7 to 10 days, in case there are any eggs that have hatched out. A series of 4 spraying usually takes care of the problem.

If ants are present, treat to get rid of them. :)
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Are you feeding the plants on an organic/sustainable plan?

If so it is easy to feed too much that the aphids will be attracted to that area. I agree with Kisal regarding the soap solution (not any soap though). I usually spray the aphids off with water or pick them with my forefinger and thumb. If its just too big of a job I use a oil/water mixture.
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there's no ants present but i will try your soap spray idea

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I have also noted aphids are attracted to juiced up plants and agree with SL that the lower feedng rates of organics make aphids much less of an issue... they have not been around in my garden for years... (some on the native lupines in the flower border this year, but natural predators made short work of them...)

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