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I am having a problem with my thyme...it keeps turning brown on me...i had one that i couldnt kill last year...we had some unusually cold weather this past winter and it killed it...any suggestions would be appreciated..thanks

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Hard to make any suggestions with out knowing the conditions it is in -- full sun? what kind of soil? what kind of watering/ fertilizing are you doing? etc.

You aren't really in the kind of climate thyme likes, which is warm and dry, Mediterranean. You are kind of at the limits of its heat tolerance and way more humidity than it likes. So it is likely to be difficult for you to grow and prone to fungal diseases.
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Thanks for input RG. My experience with thyme is that it is a short lived perennial. It needs well drained, not over watered, can do winters. I have mine in containers, and this past year went poof. Starting anew, but as I said short lived perennial!
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Sounds like it lacks water. Mine turns brown when I don't water for a long period. They do not however require much water.
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