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Mint in OKC


I just moved to Oklahoma, close to OKC and I'd like to plant some mint for the summer months. Does anyone know if the dirt we have here is appropriate for that plant?


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Mint grows everywhere and is not at all picky about what kind of dirt it is in. We generally suggest that unless you want a yard full of mint, you plant it either in containers or some bed that is definitely separated from everything else, that it can take over (it spreads by runners). Full shade keeps it slowed down a little bit and full sun, especially full OK sun probably will too. It prefers a part shade area, but will grow in full sun to full shade in pretty much any soil.

If you really want to encourage it, moist, rich slightly acidic soil is what it loves, but as noted, it really doesn't need much encouragement. To get it started in OK, you probably will need to keep it watered for awhile until it is well established.

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Thanks for the info.
By the way, what would be an easy way to measure if soil is acidic and what to do to bring it to the right level?

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If it is in a place, sun or shade, no matter the soil, and gets into the yard, you get a nice 'lift' when mowing.

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