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Help with identifying herbal plant - Hemlock?

I moved into a house with a garden area that has these perennial plants that came back after I pulled alot of them last year. They look like this:

Except the roots are small, and it doesn't have any red in the stems, and it has never flowered in 2 years. When I pulled it, it has a very strong herbal smell.

When I researched, I found that it is in the same family as Apiaceae, but I can't find anything that resembles what is growing in my yard. Any help is appreciated.

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I have had poison hemlock pop up in my yard occasionally (along with deadly nightshade and other toxic weeds!). When you pull it, the roots are pretty small for such a large plant. Not blooming may just be that it is in too much shade or otherwise the conditions aren't right for it.
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