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What is Purple Basil good for?

I have never planted purple basil so this year I planted some. A friend said purple basil is the only kind of basil he plants so I decided to try some. Now I am wondering what purple basil is good for???

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It's edible, and can be used just like the green varieties. Some of the purple varieties are said to have a slightly anise-like flavor. I think it would brighten up a salad very nicely. :)

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It's also great for accenting any bed of veggies or flowers in areas that are sunnier than coleus would like. For super hot, sunny, dry areas, I grow Red Shiso/Perilla (or more precisely, I don't weed them all out. :roll:)

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You can use it anywhere you would use green basil, but it has a more intense almost perfumy fragrance. It is beautiful in the garden. I always have a container that has a green basil and a red or purple one together in it-- beautiful!

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Purple basil is awesome!

I grow lots of Purple Ruffles and am trying the new "Improved Amethyst" from Johnny's; so far the I'm has a deep true purple.

Purple basil, as mentioned before, can be used in place of the green basil's, in salads, stir-fry's, pesto, and a lovely smelling garnish for the gourmet's out there! :)

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