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Re: Growing tea?

Oh wow! wonderful!

And guess what, it is cold hardy in zone 7, where I am now! Definitely has to go on my list for next year. ... :)
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Re: Growing tea?

When I was taught to pour tea. I was told to use a ceramic, not metal pot for tea. Warm the pot with hot water first and pour it out. Make the tea and steep it. the longer it is steeped the darker it will become. I was making Japanese tea which is steeped for less than 3 minutes. The first pour is discarded. The best pour is usually the third or fourth, then the tea can get to dark.
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Re: Growing tea?

I brought my tea plant inside. It's the clay pot to the left in the second row. -- If you follow the branches, you can see the flower buds in various stages of development.
They are only open for a day or two, then fall off, so I collect them before falling to float in my tea, fresh or dried. :D


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