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How to make Herb Extracts.

There are several mints, which one has the best or strongest mint flavor plant? I assume this is what I am looking for. Here is what I am doing.

I have been reading about Herb Extracts and Herbal body rubs. The Romans and Chineese were known to do this first 2000 years ago. It is very popular these days in many countries, India, Thailand, China, Japan and other places.

Soak your finely chopped herb in Vodka or Alcohol for a month. The oils from the plants are extracted into the alcohol. Alcohol is then rubbed on the body and mint, ginger root and certain peppers are known to produce a very warm heat feeling.

Pure 100% alcohol will mix with oil, corn oil, olive oil, peanut oil, and others. Oil over salad gives it a good flavor. Rosemary extract, Savory extract, Basil Extract, Parsley Extract, Oregano Extract.

Alcohol with water will mix only with water soluble oils and soaps. Makes a good body rub and bath oil.

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It does and I have done it. Only trouble is it's quite volatile. Somewhere in the linked article it says "lasts for 3-5 years." Well I have some alcohol tinctures of various herbs that I made last fall (2008) They've been sitting in jars with screw on lids, in a cool dark cupboard. I pulled some out when I started Christmas projects this year and the jars were empty, except for a little smear at the bottom!

I've asked Santa for a little home distiller so that I can make real essential oils...

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