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herb kit from Walmart


I just bought an Herb kit from Walmart, i've had it less than a week and all ready my herbs are sprouting so I was going to recamend this product to others who where interested.....

It comes with Sweet Basil, Thyme, and Sage three pots I got mine in red I also like the white also it has a tray thing and 2 soil disk things that expand into soil when you add water.....

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Great that your herbs sprouted quickly! I'd wait until you have harvested an herb or two to start recommending the kit. Your soil discs are peat moss, which is notoriously tricky to grow things in over the long haul -- sucks water away from the plants when it starts to dry out and holds water in so the pot and soil get moldy and mildewy. Once your little plants get big enough (say 3 sets of true leaves), I recommend transplanting them into regular pots with regular potting soil.

But I think it is so cool, that you are excited about all this! :)

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That's the same kit I have, and everything's doing fine so far. I agree with the pots being way too small, but eevrything was cheap so I can't complain. I wouldn't really recomend it though, as buying seeds seperately costs less, and everything else in the kit isn't really needed. Everything I've got growing is gonna make it in the ground soon anyways, or else they won't grow very big.
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